Still Busy In Wonder: The Idealist… Chapter 3

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In a world run by money and deceit. In a world where giving is receiving and seeing is believing, when they show you who they are, believe them. I get this idea in my head, that everyone views the world the way I do. That everyone values people, love and companionship. I guess its naΓ―ve of me. NaΓ―ve to believe that in a world where slavery is just business and murder is profitable, that the people that are raised within this system can be any different.

We are not taught to love one another. We are not taught to value relationships. From the moment you are old enough to learn you are taught to compete, you are taught to believe that you are and can be better than other people. What this system teaches is competition, competition which breeds hatred. For the love of money people kill. For the love of money people steal. Genocide and imperialism, the true foundation on which we stand.

My problem in this life, in this world is I refuse to become the shark that it raises you to be. It may be naΓ―ve, but the founding principles of my character are principles of love and honesty. My motivation has never been money. I am not motivated by materials. I think seeing my mother die as a poor black woman, but one who had the love and affection of her entire community, gave me one goal in life. I want to be just like that. I want the impression I leave on this world once I depart to be a philosophical one. My mum died with nothing, she left her children nothing but left us everything.

In a world where right and wrong are disillusioned concepts, merged with one another and able to be manipulated to suit any situation. I find myself becoming the marginalised one. The idealist, the one who expects to find a level of love and companionship here that we have never been taught to have. I find that I have become an idealist. That’s fine by me.

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