Still Busy In Wonder: The Philosphy – Thought… Chapter 5


imageStill busy in wonder. It’s not a secret or anything too profound. It’s just an adjective of sort, it describes what I do, what I am. I have a few philosophies that govern my life, they all bring me to the same place, with the same goals and the same feelings. Wonder. Not wonder as in something be great (wonderful), rather wonder as in thought. A place where I have an infinite amount of questions and points of views, for me this is tranquility, in thought I am still, at peace one could say. For me thought is is the shell which encloses all emotions from love to sorrow, from joy to pain.

To be busy in wonder is to be busy in thought. A juxtaposition of sorts, I mean thought and busy are sort of on opposite sides of the spectrum. Well that is the case when discussing passive thoughts, thoughts that come and go. But to be busy in wonder is to battle with active thoughts, to think of thought as an activity. I set aside time for thought in the same fashion that I set aside time for reading or hanging out with my friends. To be busy in wonder is to analyse thoughts, to have an opinion on thought, it’s a greater desire to understand things.

This is the first part to my Philosphy, my understanding of life.

SBIW, Asya Valentine

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