Still Busy In Wonder: Writers Block… Chapter 8


Over the last week I have wondered the question ‘what should I write about next’. At first I frantically wrote, re-wrote and promptly discarded of several new blog pieces. My initial thoughts were that it is my duty to provide a certain quantity of posts. So much so that I found myself rushing and forgot the true essence of what it means to me to be a writer.

The essence of writing to me lays within the heart. It’s an emotion, you do not write out necessity, you write out of love. It’s about writing because I want to. When writing becomes routine and too planned it becomes mundane, in fact, for me this can be said of all passions. It’s about getting into that zone, that zone where your fingers move before your thoughts do. That zone where all you want to do is write, the same zone that I was in when I first fell in love with the pen.

I understand that all things need some sort of structure, but the will to write is in a zone of its own. For a piece of writing to truly speak to someone it needs its own spirit, its own soul, a sort of identity that can only be built outside of structure. Never let necessity build within your passion. Always leave a layer of innocence with your passion, to protect it from the chains of structure.

SBIW, Asya Valentine

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