Still Busy In Wonder: Lost In Wonder, 4am… chapter 9


image.gifTimes like this my mind ticks. I wonder what awaits me, what’s next in this life. One of my youngers told me he’s lost in life, he looked at me like I had the answers but all I can offer is an ear. I ain’t selfish I’m just lost too. So uncertain, not sure where this journey will take me. All I can do is document this all. The thing about being lost is you never really know exactly where it is that you are trying to go. Imagine being on a train without a final destination, you just sit and wait, hoping that someone will tell you where to get off, but nobody shows, so you sit and wait and wait and wait.

I guess I had sort of made peace with the idea that I am yet to fully understand my own path, but seeing him and hearing him talk was like looking in a mirror. Imagine someone telling you about their life, assuming their feelings are foreign to you, but on so many levels you can relate and no matter how much you relate, in that moment your job is to appear to have the answers. How do you tell someone who needs answers that you need the same answers they seek?

Everything is so temporary, even the feelings. These are the thoughts I hardly disclose. The burden of success in a materialistic world, the pressure to achieve something tangible in this disconnected world. It’s difficult to ‘compete’ in a world that doesn’t share your goal post. I think I found myself lost with the idea of what life is in the modern world.

SBIW, Asya Valentine πŸ“β€οΈ

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