Still Busy In Wonder: Lost Hope… Chapter 10


It’s been a while, apologies, I hope you understand when I explain the issue. The problem is the people with the voices don’t always have the information. We glorify and promote the misguided when we should be teaching them, giving them the resources to relay the greater message. I find that often the people who are heard are the ones who can speak with the masses, the ones who speak in the language of the many and match the intelligence of the unknowing. If you keep hearing messages from those who know nothing how will you ever grow?

It’s bigger than the individual, we are the sum of our parts. The misguided leading the ignorant, the ignorant becoming the misguided and continuing the toxic circle. At times I write then discard, then write again, all the while refraining to post. It’s easy to say something when you have nothing to say, but when you’re really trying to say something, when you really have a message, the hardest thing is finding a way to package it.

At times I lose hope. When I see all what is being celebrated and promoted my faith in what I believe to be the right thing dwindles. I wonder if my idea of right and wrong is a mirage, if I am the only one who is unheard then maybe my message isn’t the one that the world wants. If I am the only one who is voiceless then maybe my tune isn’t the one that’s needed. For my tune is harsh, it isn’t always going to be fine, for a butterfly to fly it must face darkness, the same way for the people to move forward we must sacrifice.

This is my hope and its dying. Maybe this isn’t the best place for me to relay all my thoughts, so I hold back, the words mirror my tears that grow from ear to ear but never fall. My hope is the candle that was never lit, instead it waits for a spark that never comes and a shine that was never promised. My hope is lost and at times, I don’t think it will ever be found.

SBIW, Asya Valentine πŸ’”

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