Still busy in wonder: Geographical Lottery… Chapter 11


How much of life can we really plan? As a child I had always tried to be someone that approached life using the theory that anything is achievable. That if you work hard enough you can be anything you want. I guess that was the innocence in me rather than anything logical.

I’ve been thinking lately about how much in life is determined before we are born. Ultimately we control very little. Just take where you’re born for example, how many of us would be in the same position we are today had we been born somewhere else? It’s a geographical lottery, if you are lucky enough to be born into a situation that is conducive with prosperity, your future prospects are immediately brighter than someone who was born into poverty. How many businessmen and professionals, how many geniuses and leaders have been born but never discovered?

Even then, poverty and prosperity are both relative concepts. Poverty isn’t something that can be measured in mass, instead it is dependant on where you are and what/who’s around you. The man with Β£1000 is rich to the man with Β£10 but poor to the man with Β£10,000. I guess what I’m saying is it is an illusion. Everything that anyone has ever accomplished, both the good and the bad, are more down to chance than skill. With such nuance in life what’s reality?

Whether we are looking at cultural , ideological or economical differences, how much of it is pre-determined before we are born? If our world view is dependent on our experiences, how can we take our world view and apply it to people who haven’t experienced what we have?


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