Still Busy In Wonder: Solitude… Chapter 12


imageThe greatest thing about solitude is that it allows you the time to think. Every so often I have to remove myself from society to recollect my thoughts. In a funny way my response to any feelings of pain or loneliness is to seclude myself, it’s weird the way the mind works. But I guess there’s always an upside in all situations, even when it isn’t so blatant.

For me I find that these moments of exclusion often offer new insight into life. I ask myself how many of the seemingly trivial and mundane facets of life become that much more important when you consider them with greater delicacy. For example something as common as being asked ‘how your day was?’ Something that on the surface is a merely polite interaction, can and does mean that much more when it’s what you’re looking for.

When life isn’t as great as it seems and you truly want someone to ask how your day has been those words can mean so much more than normal. Talking becomes so much more appreciated in silence. The power of solitude is that it makes everything within its parameters that much louder and clearer to see. Such as the need for our subtle desires like being listened too and thought of by others on a daily public.

This isn’t a plea for you to ask anyone how there day was, but rather a selfish one, one for you to reflect and ask yourself “who’s checked to see how my day was?” Take some time to be alone and use it to asses this question. How many people are really there for you when you need them?

SBIW, Asya ValentineΒ πŸ“β€οΈ

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