Lilies and Wonder

Poetry, Uncategorized

Each breath is a blessing,
Each day is a new chapter in life.
Beginnings and endings,
Not much is promised but time.
So consider how you spend it,
Consider who you want to be,
Consider your message
Because the fact is there is no in-between.

That would be like thinking numbers have an ending.Β Instead, like thought its constant.
And thought, it blossoms, like life it grows.
Like the flowers, once the sun rises and glows.
The mind is delicate, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, let them see thought.
Let them love you for you mind and more.
For physical things die, like the flowers they wilt.
But the mind, thoughts and alike travel from soul to soul at will.

So let the world love who you are not what you are.
As all things physical are temporary, but who you are.
For all things that wonder are beautiful and all things that are beautiful wonder.
As all questions have answers if you’re busy in wonder.

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