Elle est CassΓ©e


image.jpegRelease her pain.
Increase her strength, achieve her aims.
Goals resemble the autumn leaves,
Goals that wilt and fall, again and again .

Alone she sits and alone she dreams,
Thousands of friends on the web but alone she sleeps.
Alone in wonder.
A moment can last an eternity.

Love is a hope for all but for few a reality.
If love answers all questions then it’s carried by hope.
For love should reveal all answers but realities slow.
As tragedy hits and apathy grows, where wonder wanders we become driven by fallacy.

The promise of happy ever after,
The last time she was open she was unhappy thereafter.
So she hides behind the shadow of strength. Afraid of being hurt or embarrassed again.

If love is the answer she’s tired of questions.
If emotions the cure, she’d stay sick forever more.
For love is the problem for one so caring,
For one so real, for one so open, love can bring more pain than war.

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