Beyond Reason…

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89994E0F-278F-473C-8DDE-E2116F466CC5Why am I still praying?
I have walked that thin line between a good man and an optimist.
We really should be on top of this.
Instead, we are still praying…

Yet I understand, nothing changes.
You’d say β€˜all praise to Allah, one day we will make it’
then at the Mosque you’d pray we do
and at Sunday mass I’d pray for we too.

Me too,
but mostly you.
Pray for your growth and retention on this earth.
Yes, deaths promised but I’d pray that it hit me first.

In the end I’d still pray for you,
I’d pray your safe.
Still every time you weep I feel your pain but when I think of joy I hear your name.

So, in the end, I’m sort of praying for me,
Or we… or us?
As distance leaves us both hurt.
So, today, to save my soul, I pray for us in turn.

So ask me if I’m still praying, I’ll say β€œnot to god but to reason”
To the reason within us both and that which exceeds us.
To thought and wonder and all that which is deeper.

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