There your neighbour stands

and here you compare your hand

to your neighbours hand.

They followed the script,

your script was sabotaged,

yes they followed the script

but they’re still dissatisfied.


It’s just that your injustice

to you, is always more magnified.

And that’s life, I understand.


But they have life too.

They hope and dream,

just like you,

they over work and under sleep,

just like you;

harp on β€˜what could have been’

just like you,

a happenstance separates them from despair

and any second, should something happen, they could be just like you.


Look at your neighbour,

see that they’re just like you.

You have fears, they have anxiety too,

they feel annexed from society too.

They feel the burden of working for about half of what they should be earning;

they lost a loved one too, you’re not the only person.


Your neighbours just like you,

and their neighbours just like them,

so they’re just like you.

Here’s to solidarity.

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