J̴u̴s̴t̴ ̴A̴n̴o̴t̴h̴e̴r̴ ̴P̴o̴e̴m̴

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Maybe there’s beauty in passing,

maybe there’s justice in violence and

maybe there’s no life worth saving.

None except yours?

one life worth saving?

a set of dreams worth keeping?

Joyous times now replaced

with somber days,

short burst of joy spread

throughout longer days,

you ever felt so alone with friends…

And at the same time at home with strangers?

Still believe in time,

yet I’ve lost faith in patience;

they tell me you’re smiling

I miss how that face looked,

you ever felt invisible…

The true irony is when you face it.

Just a soul among many,

just a name,

excluding experience,

We’re all the same.

At best we get a moment,

at worst, you are just a face.

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